There are some places that I find resources that I can use (these are sites that are either clearly marked as "released" or places where I can purchase the rights to the item from the artist for my own use. Some of these are places I visit for ideas and just because some of the things I see there are jaw droppingly gorgeous. So, take some time and check them out.

  • Jaguarwoman
    The Jaguarwoman has been making graphics for a very long time. And it shows. Her stuff is beautiful and she has gathered a fabulous group of artists (Deskar, DreamWarrior, Folkvangar, Lucie Grenier & Spiritfoxy) whose stuff is wonderful
  • Istockphoto
    Istock is still one of the better places to find images, illustrations, etc. for a reasonable price out there on the web.
  • The Morgue File
    a mix of freely released and for pay images that you can use in your work.
  • The Hex Hub
    ever wanted a color but not sure just one you want? Check out this page for great color palettes set up and ready for you to browse.